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I was introduced to this great technique for battling negativity by a friend who I have wonderfully interesting conversations with. He has had some really heavy issues to deal with in life and through his recovery towards healthier ways of thinking came across this great technique which he shared with me. It is a technique that allows for an instant supercharged level of ‘metacognition’. 

How to deal with Negativity?

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The quality of our housing is a continuing issue in our society. Not having access to it can  impact our mental health and overall well-being. Quality accommodation goes beyond providing shelter; it creates a space that supports our emotional and psychological needs...

The Mental Health Benefits of Quality Accommodation




Positive psychology has emerged as a transformative approach in the workplace, focusing on strengths, optimism, and well-being. By promoting positive emotions, fostering a growth mindset, and cultivating meaningful connections, positive psychology holds immense potential...

Harnessing the Benefits of Positive Psychology in the Workplace

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